Founded by Jeanne Boucharlat, a native of France, she grew up with mint, blackcurrant and orgeat syrups and other scents being added to water. These treats would be offered to children as refreshing drinks, or to adults when added to alcohol. Upon arriving in Quebec, Jeanne discovered maple syrup. This discovery added a new dimension to her gourmet imagination as she discovered that syrup can also be used in cooking. The idea was then born to make syrups with multiple flavors to be served in drinks or to be included in the preparation of a meal.

Our mission? Charlatans create natural syrups and tonics for bartenders, lovers of cocktails and for those who want to be adventurous with their cooking.

Our products? We choose only fresh and mostly organic products from local Quebec producers.

Our ethics?  Charlatans does not use any preservatives, dyes or additives. Instead, we opt to keep our products fresh and respect natural flavors. Our main goal is to obtain top-of-the-line syrups and tonics, 100% natural and made in Montreal.